Jesús Ramírez created El Caserío de Tafalla in Tafalla in the 1940s. Back then, our brand’s founder and first master confectioner made the original candies from pine nuts.

We’re still known for them even today, although we have expanded our line over the years to include other products and candies.

Our story, the history of El Caserío de Tafalla, dates back to the trip Jesús Ramírez took to France to learn firsthand the most innovative confectionary techniques the country had to offer and bring them back to Tafalla, where he ran a bakery.

Once there, the Spanish Civil War broke out and Ramírez found himself unable to return. He was separated from Manuela Barásoain, by then his fiancée, for a long period of time.

It was upon his return to Tafalla after the war that he decided to found his own factory, based on a design similar to the country house where he stayed for all those years in France.

The factory remained right in the center of town until 2007, when the decision was made to move to the current facilities in La Nava industrial area, where its traditional candies continue to be made according to the same natural, home-style recipe.

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