Pine nut candy

For more than 70 years, our traditional pine nut candy has been our star product, and one of our best-sellers. It is still made according to our 100% natural family recipe.

Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts
Calories Sugars Total Fat Saturated Fat Sodium
Per Serving 36,8 Kcal 5,61 g 0,42 g 0,16 g 0,005 g
CDR* 1,8% 6,2% 0,6% 0,5% 0%

*Recommended Daily Allowances are based on official recommendations that apply to most people consuming an average 2000 kcal diet.


100 g 145 g 200 g 210 g 250 g 390 g 500 g 1 Kg 5 Kg
Bag X X X X X X X
Doypack X
Rectangular Box X X
Cube X X

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