Café au lait hard candies

Café au lait-flavored hard candy. One of the most traditional products from El Caserío de Tafalla, it has an intense coffee flavor and nuances straight from the hillsides of Guramba, Colombia.

Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts
Calories Sugars Total Fat Saturated Fat Sodium
Per Serving 24,1 Kcal 2,04 g 0,16 g 0,10 g 0,003 g
CDR* 1,2% 2,3% 0,3% 0,05% 0%

*Recommended Daily Allowances are based on official recommendations that apply to most people consuming an average 2000 kcal diet.


145 g 170 g 200 g 220 g 325 g 500 g 1 Kg
Bag X X X X
Doypack X
Rectangular Box X X
Cube X X

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